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Met Office Digital Library and Archive

Protecting and providing direct access to our meteorological digital content for the long-term

Over the last few years the NMLA have been working towards a new archiving capability that provides a safe and secure repository for our digital library and archive content. Digital preservation lies at the heart of this archive which means we are able to protect and preserve our digital content for the long-term just as we have been doing with our paper records for so many years. The solution addresses the important need for digital preservation as well as offering direct access to our customers.

The digital archive provides access to a growing collection of born digital content as well as copies of some our older publications and unique archive treasures. If you are looking for the most recent editions of Met Office publications you need to visit our Current Publications .

Searching for digital content

You can “browse” the digital archive content or perform a simple “search” using key words if you are looking for something specific.

You can search in much more detail for both our paper and digital collections through our online catalogue and the results will link you to any digital content we have available. The online catalogue contains detailed information about our collections and is the best place to begin a search.

Archive Structure

The archive is organised into a series of “collections” and “records” and at the lowest level “files”. You can access collections, records and files by clicking on the thumbnail image. At the file level you can you view the content in a preview box  and can also opt to “download” the content and access information on the file size.

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